Friday, October 21, 2016

Building a Prototype for Knitting Needle Carrying Case

After sewing nearly every night for the past two weeks, it felt a bit weird not to be sewing. So, I decided that I could spend a little bit of time making something small -- a knitting needle / pencil holder for travel.

I should have probably sketched out general ideas of what I wanted, but I dove right into making a prototype. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, and it took about 20 minutes to make. There are some problems with it, but it's serviceable and will act as a base for any future cases.

First, I took some left-over fabric that I used to create my Rosie the Riveter bandana, and cut out a 17.25  x 9.25" rectangle; the seam allowance will be about 0.25".  The final piece will be about 8.5x 9.0.

Then, I cut out another rectangle -- 4.25 x 9.25" to act as the pocket, and sewed it  onto three edges like the below photo)
I folded over the longer fabric and sewed the right sides together on two sides. I also added a ribbon to act as a wrap-around.

I turned the whole thing right-side out and sewed the last opening shut. Afterwards, I created channels to fit a variety of knitting needles, pens, and pencils.

The flap folds over and the ribbon wraps around it to form a fairly compact case.

I thin I'll re-make this again with different fabric and make it a bit better with additional closures, but for now, it's a workable prototype.