Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Night of the Ball -- Soiree Au Moulin Rouge

Who doesn't get excited about getting all gussied up and heading out for a night at a Ball? Perhaps, if you're Scrooge, you might not, but even Cinderella's evil stepmother & stepsisters were excited about getting dressed to go to the Ball. I certainly was excited --- my outfit was complete; one of my favorite swing bands, Lee Presson and the Nails (LPN), was going to be playing; there was going to be cancan dancing; and a lot more.

My outfit before we left for the Ball

The weather wasn't cooperating and it poured buckets driving there. Visibility sucked, but we were committed to going, especially as we were bringing photography lights for the self-service photography area.

The location was the Michaan's Theater, which was an amazing location --- it was a renovated movie theater with an art deco Egyptian theme.

The organizers had done an excellent job with the decorations.  There was a beautiful jeweled elephant in one of the hallways.

This thing was amazing. It had taken volunteers many days to "bejewel" this elephant.

Insofar as my part in the event, the organizers had picked out a beautiful curtain backdrop, and we set up the lighting so that people could take photos at their leisure. Of course, I took my own photography gear to shoot at my own leisure as well as dancing.

The evening was full of lovely people in some very gorgeous outfits.

And then there was the entertainment!  LPN was fun and amazing, as always

There was a lot of dancing (oh, my poor feet....) Although LPN is primarily swing, they did play a few polkas, including the local favorite, the Congress of Vienna, and some very fast paced polkas. I had the (mis)-fortune of acquiescing to a very fast polka with a most excellent partner; I got dizzy very fast, but he was kind and took pity on my state.

CanCan Bijou and the other performers were extremely entertaining.

The absinthe tasting was available for those interested in trying the Green Fairy.

Sketch artists were on-hand to draw your portrait.

Overall, it was a most excellent night at the Moulin Rouge.

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