Friday, June 13, 2014

Fanime 2014

Historically, the months of May, June, and July are especially busy for me, and this year is no exception. In fact, this year is proving to be even busier than previous years. Not only did we have our Memorial Day weekend conventions, Valhalla ren faire, and SLO faire, but we're also adding ComicCon to the mix! OY! (More on that later)

However, before I get into that, I need to actually catch-up on the backlog of posts that I've been meaning to write. So, I'll start with the long Memorial Day weekend.

MyViking &; I volunteered at our local (and large) anime convention, which ended up with 40,000 guests. He was the head of the masquerade on Sunday evening, and I was working the photography for that event in addition to putting together some of the audio (music) for various contestants, as well as helping to coordinate between the contestants, judges, and the masquerade crew. Sufficed to say, the weekend was a lot of work, but it was fun.

We arrived on Thursday evening, and set up for photography on Friday. I spent three days taking photos of most of the contestants and of the Masquerade event itself (which was a 12 hour day of work!). And then on Monday, we broke down all the photography gear to be packed and returned home.

I did manage to get out on several days to check out the rest of the convention and wear my own costumes, including my Melinda May cosplay that I had worked on for several weeks. On Saturday evening, we also managed to get to one of the many concerts that were scheduled. (There was also dancing involved). But, even after the convention ended, my real "work" began in getting all the photographs processed for the convention. This process took nearly 1.5 weeks to complete -- mostly in the evenings.

But the results were definitely worth it.

I'll have the photos up on my portfolio website soon enough. I need to work out some logistics with the Fanime convention, and then they can be made available.