Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SDCC Masquerade Project #2 - The 10th Doctor Who Suit: Copying out the Pattern

(This post was originally named "Super Seekrit Project" -- which really wasn't a secret, if you're even remotely a fan of this particular show, but for the SDCC Masquerade, I wanted to keep things under wrap as much as possible.)

Although this pattern is extremely close to the final costume that I need to create, there are a bajillion pieces for JUST the jacket.

In general, I tend to copy out the pieces of a given pattern so that I can better make any alterations (as needed) to my copy and keeping the original pristine. It also helps if I need to make another size of a given costume. The cats were very helpful in ensuring that my pattern paper stayed put while I copied out each pattern piece.


It took two evenings after work to copy all of the pattern pieces of the jacket as there was a total of 29 pattern pieces, JUST for the jacket. I think this pattern has the most pattern pieces that I've ever had to use for a single piece of clothing. And, as expected with men's tailoring, probably the most complicated (in terms of fiddly) and fitting that I've made.

It's tedious work, but the pattern paper that comes with many commercial patterns is very flimsy, whereas my pattern paper (which I've commented on before) can withstand being modified, cut, and being used many times over. It's worth copying out.


It's also survives being sat upon by various cats or folded over without ripping.


Now, with all the pattern pieces cut out, it's time to actually start sewing the mockup. I'm hoping that the alterations necessary are minor.