Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SDCC Masquerade Project #4 - The 10th Doctor Who Suit: Cutting the Fronts

Once the mockups were done, it was time to start cutting out the fabric. As I only have about 6 yards of fabric, I don't have much room to make mistakes, especially since I have to do pattern matching, in order to ensure that all the stripes match equally.

Pattern matching requires that each piece is cut out separately and marked up carefully to ensure that the pieces match. Unfortunately, this also means that you can't cut out all the pattern pieces all at once. You have to work each set of pattern piecesfirst (including all the tailoring) before cutting out the next pattern piece.

 In this case, I cut out both fronts and started all of the tailoring necessary for them (as it does change the shape slightly) before cutting out the side or back pieces.

In addition to the tailoring, I serged all of the edges to stop any fraying. All of this preparation is a pain, but it will make everything look excellent at the end.