Monday, June 23, 2014

SDCC Masquerade Project #3 - The 10th Doctor Who Suit: Mockups

Last weekend, I took the time to create a mockup for half of the costume. I've never made this type of garment before, so making a well-fitting mockup was essential. Plus, I wanted to work out a few of the changes that I knew I needed to make for the outfit.

For example, another costumer was able to get close-ups of some of the outfits worn by said actor, and there were some faux pockets on the suit.  I'm used to doing welt pockets, but this was somewhat of a hybrid and I wanted to make sure I got the right look.

In essence, you start off making a single welt regular pocket with an inner facing.

But instead of adding welts (either single or double welt), you sew a fake pocket flap.

It's surprisingly easy to do...much easier than a double welt pocket. And for an actor who might need to get into a pocket very quickly, this faux pocket flap allows them to do so without fuztzing with an actual pocket flap of a real coat.

My first mockup of the coat turned out surprisingly well in terms of fit. All I had to do was shorten the body and sleeves slightly to make it fit my body.

(Ignore how it fits on the mannequin, as the mannequin isn't my body match.)

And shortening the pattern is really the simplest change I can make. It involves shortening the pattern at the indicated "lengthen or shorten" line.