Thursday, June 26, 2014

SDCC Masquerade Project #5.5 - The 10th Doctor Who Suit: Fabric and Lining

(This post was originally named "Super Seekrit Project" -- which really wasn't a secret, if you're even remotely a fan of this particular show, but for the SDCC Masquerade, I wanted to keep things under wrap as much as possible.)

Over the weekend, I hit up the fabric store as I wanted to get lining for my costume. We only have black lining fabric in the house, which works for about 80% of all of our costuming needs. However, 20% of the time (and this is one of those times) that black fabric is just not aesthetically pleasing to use.

So, I ran down to one of the big box stores with coupon in hand to pick up brown lining fabric (I brought a piece of scrap fashion fabric to match the brown of the costume). I wanted to get either a matching brown or a matching teal color (just as a contrast color). They didn't have the teal, but they had a corresponding brown. And it was 50% off the price. SCORE!

Plus, I had a coupon for 20% of my total purchase price, so even better. I only needed about 4 yards, but I bought the rest of the bolt (at 7 yards), because you never know when you're going to need extra fabric. And I went off my merrily little way.

Here's the fashion fabric, the horsehair canvas, and the lining.

My fashion fabric is from Joann's Fabrics more than 5 years ago. Here are the specs:
  • Fabric Type: 55% linen 45% Rayon
  • Fabric weight: Medium
  • Fabric Color: Chocolate Brown
  • Pinstripes: Turquoise
  • Pinstripe width (in threads & mm): 2 threads - 1mm
  • Pinstripe repeat: 14.5mm
The original fabric is thought to be a lightweight 100% cotton with corn blue pinstripes @ 5 threads - 1mm
and repeat of 11.5mm. You can find more information on this website about the comparison of different fabrics:

So, it's not a bad match -- certainly not perfect, but darn close enough.