Monday, June 16, 2014

SDCC Masquerade Project #1 - The 10th Doctor Who Suit

(This post was originally named "Super Seekrit Project" -- which really wasn't a secret, if you're even remotely a fan of this particular show, but for the SDCC Masquerade, I wanted to keep things under wrap as much as possible.)

As previously mentioned, the Viking & I are going to ComicCon. Some of our friends are doing the ComicCon masquerade and someone dropped from their skit. They asked if I'd be willing, provided I make my costume for it. After discussing it with the Viking, it was decided that the timeline to do the costume was going to be tight, but do-able. I had the pattern and possibly enough yardage of the appropriate fabric in my Stash. I had never made this type of outfit before, so the Viking would have to give me advice on making it as well as help me do the fitting; I would do all the sewing and construction.

So, we agreed to do the skit. The group would be able to get us tickets to ComicCon from the Masquerade director and our friends offered to split hotel costs, so we were pretty much set.

I can't talk about what we're doing for the ComicCon masquerade (it's TOP SECRET), but I can probably discuss the making of my costume to some extant.

I already had patterns that would work for the costume, with some alterations:


And, as mentioned previously, I had the appropriate fabric in my Stash -- about 6 yards worth -- which might be enough to do the full costume with some frugality on my part. I had purchased this fabric years ago with the intention of making this very costume, but I hadn't had the time. Well, now I have no excuse.


I wonder if you can guess what costume I am making and who I am cosplaying.