Monday, June 30, 2014

No Time for Knitting! Well, maybe...

I've barely knitted anything in the past several weeks, what with sewing, etc. And, it's taking its toll on me. So, on Saturday evening, I cast on a pair of just straight vanilla socks but only managed to get an inch of knitting on it, before delving back into sewing because I felt the need to get the mockups done.

However, on Sunday evening, after sewing two pairs of pants, I decided that I needed to just knit and not sew for at least an evening. I knew that I still had several WIPs (not the socks) that were so close to being done.

This project just needed the second thumb gusset of my gloves to be knitted, and it would be done.

In ten minutes, I was done and had steam blocked it with my iron. It was nice to be able to finish a project quickly.